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Software Development
Software development requires a perfect planning prior to starting the actual development work. The project may fail to produce desired results in absense of a perfect project planning and for making such plans as to guide a team of programmers, it entails a lot of devotion, hardwork, and deep understanding of the process involved and its outcome backed up by experience. At Nepal Software Developer (NSD), we have a perfect combination of all the factors required to plan for your software based on your requirements and then deliver it within deadline. Yes, we are your trustworthy offshore IT outsourcing partner based in Kathmandu, Nepal with experience of over 2 years in developing stock trading and automation software, desktop application, online job portal software, library management software, and internet banking online web application and software.  
Online Job Portal Development Services
A web based online job portal is a web junction with job listings on the internet usually with facilities such as job search, job posting, profile update, featured job listings and supplementary information. It allows a job seeker to find a suitable job and a job provider to post new jobs with edit and delete features for all users. At Nepal Software Developer (NSD), we already have pre-developed web applications for a job portal which is successfully operating online and providing services to job providers and job seekers. It is a user friendly web application and does not require a person to have technical and IT related experience to operate such a portal.

We can deliver a fully built job portal to you within 20 days without compromising on major features and key security issues. For Reference visit:
Online Banking/ Internet Banking Software Development Services
Banks and financial institutions in Nepal are in the process of Web, to enabling their services in order to offer Online banking to its customers. Online banking is the practice of making bank transactions or paying bills via the Internet. Online banking allows an account holder to make deposits, withdrawals and pay bills all with the click of a mouse. It doesn't get much more convenient than that. Read More>>
 Benefits of Online Banking
 Online Banking Types
 Internet Banking: Facility Vs Security

Our Services
 Software Development
 Web Application Development
 Content Management System (CMS)
 Freelance Programming
 Website Design and Development
 Website Hosting

 At Nepal Software Developer (NSD) we use PHP Programming, ASP .NET framework, C ++, C#, and Java to develop software and other various applications. Specially when it comes to website designing we use tools like Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Freehand. Read More>> 

Offshore IT Outsourcing
 Nepal Software Developer (NSD) is an outsourcing company & consultant based in Kathmandu, Nepal to provide you the world class Web, Software and IT solutions from our office based in Kathmandu valley, the capital of Nepal.  We follow very honest and clear business practices in providing you the offshore outsourcing services. We maintain highest level of confidentiality about your projects and deliver the work by schedule. Read More>> 

Software Development
 Nepal Software Developer (NSD) develops web, network, intranet based, and single PC software and application. We have a well tested and proven process to develop software which ensures delivery of high standard bug free software to our clients. Read More>> 

Website Development
 We design Travel and Tour Website, Online Shopping & E-Commerce portals, Job Portal, Entertainment Portal, Stock Trading Website, Commodity Trading Website, Auction Website, Manufacturing company website, online catalogue, corporate website, Bank and Financial website, Government Website, Non Profit Organization website, large scale company website, medium scale company website, hotel and tourism website, Trading house website, Automobile and Auto Industry website, Oil and Gas supply website, Aviation and Transport website among others. Read More>> 

IT Product Development
 At Nepal Software Developer (NSD) we develop software and web based application in PHP, C, C++, C#, Java, Oracle, SQL, VB.NET, ASP.NET, and Python. The tools we employ among others are Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008, MS SQL Server 2000, Oracle Sql Developer, Borland C++ Builder, Rational Rose, and Auto IT. We would like to discuss development of IT and software product in partnership with reliable individual, consultant and IT company from any part of the world. Read More>> 
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Online and Live Stock Price Display Software

Online Shopping Solution
Foreign Job Portal Software
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