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Application Development
Nepal Software Developer (NSD) develops web, network, intranet based, and single PC software and application. We have a well tested and proven method to develop application which ensures delivery of high standard bug free application to our clients.  Nepal Software Developer (NSD) has application developers who are experienced in delivering web application, network applications and desktop application international standard. With our highly skilled software and application developers and programmers we serve all the major categories of Industries with best of our development services. Outsourcing application development projects to Nepal Software Developer could be a wise business decision for companies of all scales looking for an offshore outsourcing partner in South Asia.

At Nepal Software Developer (NSD) we develop software and application in PHP, C, C++, C#, Java, Oracle, SQL, VB.NET, ASP.NET, and Python. The tools we employ among others are Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008, MS SQL Server 2000, Oracle Sql Developer, Borland C++ Builder, Rational Rose, and Auto IT.
Network Application Development Nepal
Nepal Software Developer (NSD) develops network based applications in .net, asp.net, and php. We have a team of best IT professional in Nepal to devliver you an international standard, highly secured LAN, WAN, and Intranet based applications for corporates.

These applications run across various computers connected through high speed fiber optics and simple cable networking. We develop network applications that can run on windows and linux based operating system networks.
Desktop Application Development
Nepal Software Developer (NSD) develops desktop applications for single PC. These applications is usually required by small scale companies and firms.
Web Application Development Nepal
Nepal Software Developer (NSD) develops Microsoft windows based web applications for online operations. Online E-commerce applications, auction applications, classified applications, trading applications are some of the online applications that we develop.
Latest Web Software Projects

Online and Live Stock Price Display Software

Online Shopping Solution
Foreign Job Portal Software
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